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Nandos is a large, global group of casual restaurants based on Portuguese-Mozambican theme. In UK, Nandos is a large chain of restaurants loved for its burgers, fries and Chicken-Peri, peri. The chain of restaurants has wraps and salads.

Nandos offers a fast food bar and seated dinning. Nandos offers its clients great vouchers they can select from and save hugely on their meals.

nnados vouchersWith its influence from previous Mozambican Portuguese who settled in South African after Mozambique gained independence, the settlers went further to form a chain of restaurants that is original and a signature dish.

The main Nandos speciality is flame-grilled chicken peri-peri served either in halves or in quarters. Nandos UK restaurants have added on their menus butterfly breasts and marinades which sell like hot cakes!

Nandos salads, burgers, wraps, pitas and wings are superbly prepared, mouth-watering and quite delicious; they are available in all UK Nandos restaurants. The prices are generally lower through Nandos vouchers.


Nandos chain of restaurants was formed in the early 1980s and is known for its chicken peri-peri and its delicious marinades. The restaurant chain opened its first restaurant in the UK in 1992 in Ealing, London. Due to its signature dishes and great prices coupled with great customer-care service, Nandos has opened a staggering 250 restaurants across the United Kingdom.

Its company logo features a rooster. The company is loved for its ability to retain quality on all its foods offered on a Nandos discount voucher.

Some of the outstanding Nandos vouchers include:

Free whole chicken as loyalty rewards at Nandos: Users can benefit from a whole chicken as the loyalty reward. Users are encouraged to purchase gourmet at Nandos for large savings. Users who shop and achieve 10 stamps qualify to enjoy a free whole chicken as loyalty rewards.
The vouchers are however not for resale.

Chicken Breast Fillet Burger: From as little as £5.95 at Nandos, users using this voucher can now walk into a Nandos restaurant, browse the recipe and benefit from a Chicken Breast Fillet Burger at the stipulated price.

PERi-PERi chicken starting at £4.25: This voucher carries chicken marinated for at-least 24 hours in Peri-Peri Sauce and flamed-grilled to order. Everyone who loves gourmet can now enjoy it at a heavily discounted price.

Get a 20% nationwide NHS, Emergency Services and Military discount: Users can now enjoy a 20% nationwide discount geared towards all British Emergency Services and Military forces consist of the RAF, Army and Navy Employees.

The discount is accessible by these employees from all the restaurants operating under its brand name.

Nando’s gift card from £20: If you are a huge Nando’s fan, the fiery coloured gift cards are available in selected high street shops and supermarkets and heavily discounted prices. Users can now extend the desirable Nandos gift at heavily discounted prices thanks to this voucher.

Salads offer starting from £4.15 only at Nandos: The voucher gives you salads offer. You can now choose salads with or without a grilled chicken breast fillet and at different prices.

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